Terms and Conditions

A4 aerials reserves the right to insist on payment of any outstanding invoice in full before any hardware is deemed to be under the clients ownership. Where any hardware has been fitted by A4 aerials before settlement of any account between A4 aerials and the customer, A4 aerials shall be deemed to hold a lien over any hardware in respect of any unpaid balance of such account until the date of settlement.

Two percent interest per month will be charged upon outstanding accounts unless they are paid within one month of their date.

Any complaint by the customer relating to work carried out by A4 aerials must be notified by the customer to A4 aerials within 14 days of the date of the invoice.

The person, partnership or limited company whose name appears on any invoice and to whom the invoice is delivered shall be responsible for payment and if that person or company claims to be acting as agent for a third party then that fact shall be notified to A4 aerials by the customer prior to A4 aerials conducting any work.

A4 aerials can be in no way responsible for damage to hardware that may occur during the repair or installation process although every attempt will be made to avoid such a situation. A4 aerials will consider any person, partnership, or limited company agreeing to have work undertaken by A4 aerials to have agreed to these terms.